New Era For
Real Estate Consultancy

Who are we?

Jarasa is a Turkish real estate consultancy company based in Istanbul enrolling a group of engineers.
We have customers in many Arab and European countries, and we have agreements with many construction companies all over Turkey.


We do not aim to sell the properties to the clients unlike most real estate investment and marketing companies. Rather, we seek to provide a summary of the expertise of our engineering staff to the client in the form of detailed reports, including the evaluation of the properties from different aspects according to standards and analytical studies.


The company aims to raise the level of real estate consultancy from being just a mere advice aiming to persuade the customer to buy the property, to be a consultation based on scientific bases to explain the advantages and disadvantages to the customer in an easy and simplified from makes it easier for him whether to buy or not as he has already found out the opinion of the specialists.


- The customer is the owner of the decision. Our mission is not to persuade the customer to buy. However, we aspire to provide information and details that are sufficient to make his decision only in his own hands. - Gaining confidence rather than making money! We believe that having the trust of the customer by clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of the property is more important than gaining money It would be better if he canceled the purchase instead of buying a property that is not suitable for him just to earn some money. - clarity is a rare coin You often find someone who’s trying to convince you to buy the property as if it is your best opportunity, even if he is not aware of what you want at all! But it is rare to find someone who gives you reports and studies of the property explaining the advantages and disadvantages makes it easier for you to make your decision in a neutral way. - Specialization always wins. We believe that the process of buying a property is not only about knowing the price and location of the property, nevertheless it is a complex process related to many specialized engineering and investment aspects. Therefore, we have our specialists whose task is to study these details and present them on a silver plate in a simplified manner that makes it easier for any customer to understand and assess whether it fits his requirements or not.